Slips, Trips and Falls in Construction Level 2 (VTQ) Training Videos

Construction work has been identified as a workplace which requires Slip, Trips and Falls training the most due to the amount of injuries employees obtain in this work. Reduce the risk of injury in your workplace today! Get started by purchasing your course online, and simply start training! Its that easy!

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25 minutes




Keith Sleightholm



Slips Trips and Falls in Construction Level 2 (VTQ) at a Glance

  • Reduce accidents and injury due to slips, trips and falls in the workplace
  • Slips trips and falls cost business millions every year and are a common cause of injury
  • Meet the requirements of training set by the HSE
  • The importance of risk assessment and handling plans to reduce the risk of injury
  • The principles of use of different types of equipment
  • Covers a variety of different ideas to reduce slip trip and fall injuries

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Slips, Trips and Falls in Construction Level 2 (VTQ)

25 minutes
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