What Can Employees do to Prevent Slips and Trips?

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The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 mean that employees have duties to play their part in reducing the risk of slips, trips and falls to the best of their ability. By doing so, not only are they looking after themselves, but they are also looking after the people who will be affected by their actions, whether that be co-workers or the general public. They must comply with all of the legal and workplace rules and regulations to ensure the safest environment possible.

As an employee, the law states that you must inform your employer or manager of any situation in your workplace that you would consider dangerous, or you feel does not meet the agreed standards of health and safety in your workplace. You must also use any equipment provided for you correctly, and do not attempt to use anything outside of your training.

Other tips to reduce the risks of incidents include:
Reporting any near misses and accidents to your employer, as soon as they happen. Sort out any slip and trip risks to the best of your ability without putting yourself in danger. Keep trailing cables tucked away where they do not pose a risk. Clear up any spillages, however small, right away and finally, follow any safety advice you are given.