HSE Hazard Spotting Checklist

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The Health and Safety Executive have released a slips and trips hazard spotting checklist. According to the HSE, “this checklist will help you identify slip and trip hazards in your workplace and decide what action to take.
It will be of benefit to anyone who assesses and manages slips and trips at work.” It is a checklist which you can take with you around your workplace, and should be used in conjunction with your workplace risk assessment. If any of the boxes on the checklist can be ticked “yes”, there is an additional column which provides you with a range of suggested actions to reduce the risk of the potential issue becoming an actual problem and causing an incident.
Some of the main areas which the checklist covers include Entrances and Exits, Corridors and Hallways, Stairs and Ramps, and Toilets, Bath and Shower Rooms. On top of this, there is a useful section which goes through the protocol of how you go about workplace cleaning. This is a thorough section which allows you to look at how your workplace goes about cleaning, and any improvements you could do to make your workplace a healthier and safer place to work. The checklist can be found on the HSE website, and there is a link on the student resources section of this course.