Identifying Possible Dangers

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Throughout this course, we have talked a lot about what to do when you find possible hazards, but we haven’t actually discussed how to identify them in the first place. As an employer, you should be constantly on the look out for any potential hazards. This is called carrying out a dynamic risk assessment, where you will constantly be aware of the environment you are in. Should you find any hazards, then you can deal with them instantly and inform others of the hazards whilst you are dealing with them. In carrying out a dynamic risk assessment, you are also able to constantly update the actual risk assessments, should anything drastic change. This keeps everyone safe, as long as they are kept up to date and informed of the changes.
​When new people are inducted into a company, it is advisable that they walk around the office and identify any possible hazards. A fresh set of eyes in the workplace may see something that nobody else has noticed. When joining a new company, it may be quite daunting to point out a flaw, but by not doing it the risk will still be present and someone could become very seriously injured. Remember that not being properly trained in using certain pieces of equipment is also a hazard, so should you feel that you have not had sufficient training, if you are unsure or have not had any training at all, you must ask your employer to give you the correct training so you do not put yourself or others at risk of harm.