Preventing Slip Accidents

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The Oxford Dictionary defines a slip as “to slide a short distance by accident so that you fall or nearly fall”. There are many ways that slips can happen in the workplace, however lots of these could be avoided by taking the following steps: Anti-slip flooring should be installed in both medium and high risk areas. However once installed, it must also be properly maintained or else it will lose its non-slip properties.

Preventing contaminants from getting on the floor will help to reduce the risk of slips, and having procedures set in place to quickly and efficiently deal with contaminants will also help. This may include using a particular cleaning chemical depending on the contaminant, or simply cleaning the spillage up as soon as it happens, ensuring proper signage is in place as well.

If the floor of an area is left wet after being cleaned, stop anyone from walking over it until it is dry enough to ensure that no potential accidents can occur.